The third floor of our house is one big room that is currently used as a playroom/guest room.  One of my favorite parts of this room is the large window seat.  I have always thought it would be the perfect place to lay down, read and take a little nap.  It just never happens, though.  It’s just too big, actually too deep.  I have tried, but I just can’t get cozy enough to drift off to dreamland.

While trashing out the sewing room, I found two 14"x36" pillows that I had bought, but had forgotten about.  The closet is small and they were taking up valuable real estate, but I couldn’t see them due to the mess.  Then there was the bolt of extra fabric leftover from the window seat cushion…light bulb!  I got out the scissors and got to work.  An hour later…pillows!


I plopped them on the seat, arranged the throw pillows and took it for a test drive.  Better, but not just right – two won’t cut it, it really needs three.  Back to the sewing machine I went.  Now the third cover is ready, just waiting for the insert to arrive.



Kate likes it, too.  Now if she’d just take a nap….

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