The girls left for camp almost three weeks ago and come home on Saturday. Naturally, I've spent most of the week focused on completing my long list of things that I thought I would accomplish while they were gone. I suppose I will always be a last-minute person at times.

Kate's quilts in progress by house on hill road

At top on my list was making new quilts for the two twin beds in Kate's room. I started cutting and sewing on Tuesday. The first top was finished Wednesday and the second one yesterday. I have batting and there is fabric for backing, but that still needs to be pieced. The design is simple – 8" finished four-patch blocks separated with setting squares. I originally thought that I would quilt them with loops, but the more I work with the gingham and the four-patches, the more I think they beg to be tied. Am I crazy to think I might actually be able to get that done today? I completely realize that I might be kidding myself that tying is faster than quilting. Maybe not, though? And I am torn on the color of yarn to use…white is safe and will blend, but her walls are aqua so maybe that for a little extra pop of color? I guess I will have to make a fast decision and go with it if I have any chance of getting at least one completed and bound before she gets home.

I'll let you know how it all turns out next week. Have a great weekend!

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