May 27



Those hydrangeas came from my mother's yard. She divided them, my brother drove them from Chicago to Kentucky.  Fatty planted them in our yard.  And now a little piece of my other home is at this home.  And I love that.

Carrots need to be thinned.  I did that a week ago and was disappointed to see white, spindly, root-like things.  I pulled one on a whim yesterday.  And look! I am growing baby carrots!  Fatty ate it. He said it smelled like carrot, but tasted like nothing.  Let's just wait.

Like the carrots, I pulled a pea pod. Yuuuummmm! I'm anticipating a harvest in a week or so.

And geraniums are my favorite annual. I always go for the shocking pink, almost red variety. The distinctive geranium smell is full of memories.  I should tell you about that some time.

I hope your weekend is wonderful.  Ours is off to a good start.  Dinner cooked entirely in the new kitchen and margaritas to boost!

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