Last summer when I started my blog, Susan found me through a comment I made somewhere else (am I remembering right, Susan?).  She began commenting on all my posts and I started reading her blog.  We traded emails and swapped some earrings for a belt.  Before you knew it, I had made my first "blog" friend.

Susan is an incredibly talented gal.  She makes beautiful jewelry that she sells through her etsy store.  You should go check it out.  She has an uncanny eye for matching beads and her compositions are stunning.  It’s this eye that makes her a wonderful photographer.  In her original intent series, she takes photos and uses them as inspiration for her jewelry.  The results are truly amazing.  You need to go over to her blog and look in the archives (beginning in January) and see what she does.

Not only is she super talented, she is super sweet.  For my birthday, she sent me a little package.  Inside there was a pair of earrings that scream summer.


Aren’t they gorgeous?  I cannot wait to wear them with jeans and a white tank top – they are going to be perfect.

She sent something else too.  When I opened this part, I was so excited that I could hardly stand it.


A framed copy of my very favorite original intent photo.  I love it!  I asked for it in a roundabout way.  I love that she remembered and I love that I will think of Susan every time I see this photo hanging in the studio. 

Thanks Susan!  I am so glad that you are my friend.

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