Sunday play

My intent was to frame this quilt with patchwork borders full of various white and off white prints. As soon as I had pieced the first border, I knew it wasn't right. Actually, I knew while I was piecing the border. My gut told me it wasn't going to work.

Sunday play 2

Kona Snow for the win!

This solid is my go-to. I have never, ever regretted ordering it 15 to 20 yards at a time because I always have it on hand and it is such a good blending white, working well with prints and solids alike.

Sunday play 3

I got it all basted and started quilting on Sunday night. I did not like my first try at the quilting so I ripped it out. Yesterday, I was able to get half of it quilted and plan on finishing that today. Back here when it is finished!


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