Auction quilts
February 2

Most of my creative time these days has been spent working on our school's auction art projects. These are two quilts (one in warm tones, one in cool tones) that the fourth grade classes made using the glue batik method. I'm waiting on one block for each top and then it'll be time to finish them. I struggled with how I want to quilt these – I really want the artwork to shine and I am worried that dense quilting might compete with the large-scale blocks. I've given it lots of thought and I think I have a solid plan. I am going to use variegated thread in the hopes that it will blend in a bit more than white would.  We'll see! For the most part, I am really pleased how they are coming together and hope that they do well in the auction later this month.

(Does the auction talk bore you all to tears? I'd like to share more of the projects, but am unsure if it's interesting to anyone but me.)

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