I met my friend Suzanne when her daughter and Jane were in the same 3 year old preschool class. That was over 10 years ago. Our girls were fast friends (still are) and their friendship, like many between small people, led to a friendship between the big people. One day, when picking Jane up from a playdate, Suzanne was filling bags with different crafts. When I asked what she was doing, she chimed in with, "Are you crafty?" Yes, I am. That's how I joined the craft swap.

Joining the craft swap was just the beginning. Our kids played, we hung out together at the pool during the summer, Fatty rode bikes with Suzanne and her husband, we met for coffee, had birthday lunches and swapped lots of different crafts. We shared knitting patterns, Suzanne taught herself to sew. Our kids even swapped crafts a few times. I have a lot of different things made by Suzanne and when I see them around my house, I smile.

Suzanne and her family just moved across the country. I thought it would be appropriate to make one more thing for her. A little souvenir, so to speak – something that will remind her of the place they called home for many years.



Godspeed, friend. I'll miss you.

(Pillow details – linen ground with machine appliqued Kentucky and matching binding in a Liberty of London Lifestyle print, from the Bloomsbury Garden collection. Hand embroidered by me).

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