I put together this little outfit for a friend who turned 8 last week.  The skirt is 1/2 yard of fabric, selvedges sewn together, hemmed and shirred with elastic thread.  So fast and super easy – really, the whole outfit took about 45 minutes.  Crazy, huh?  I sewed the waist in a subtle spiral with a regular stitch length (3.0 on my Bernina) and then used the steam iron to make the elastic pull in even more.   The fabric is My Secret Garden by Alexander Henry that I ordered from Purl Patchwork a few months ago.  The t-shirt is from Old Navy, out of the stash, with a flower just like the one I made for Sarah's quilt square.  And, yes, I will do a tutorial since enough of you asked.  I took the photos while I made this one so as soon as I have time, I'll get it together for you all.  Probably next week.

OK – gotta run.  Fatty and I are on vacation.  There's a beer calling my name and a patient husband waiting.  Oh!  And a fabric store to visit, too.  Back here soon.

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