Meet my bird pillow:


I made this in my sewing class yesterday.  On Friday morning, I was unsure where I was going to put a new rose pillow.  I thought about making it for the window seat on our staircase landing, but couldn’t find any fabric I was crazy about.  I thought about making it for one of the girls, but I was pretty sure the ribbon roses wouldn’t hold up to being thrown on the floor and jumped on.  So the guest room it was.  It’s all a bit humorous seeing that the guest room isn’t even painted and has nothing in it that looks good with this pillow.  But when I get finished, I am sure it will fit right in.


I decided to embroider the bird to add a bit of interest to the insert.  I had planned on framing the image with some gingham ribbon, but my instructor suggested the Freshcut bias tape. Perfect, I thought.  I then added the ric rac.  The little ribbon roses and leaves set it all off.  I am thrilled with the end result.  I love my new pillow!


Here’s a peek at the back.  Since the day I learned to put a zipper in a pillow, I haven’t done it any other way.  It is surprisingly easy, looks professional and allows me to change it or clean it without any hassle at all.


So now that the pillow is finished, time to paint the room.  I’m off to spackle some holes before the Oscars!

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