I like giving gifts.  I especially like giving gifts that I have made.  This is for a friend.


I was inspired by one in the Lotta Jansdotter book.  I gave the directions a read, but made mine differently.  The straps are longer on this one.  I also lined it and added a pocket.


I am so pleased with the results.  I think I am going to make some for teachers’ gifts.  Gotta get on that – Kate is out next Wednesday and Jane is finished the following week.  Yikes.  Has it been a whole school year already?

I am working on the sun dress tutorial, but have been delayed a bit.  This is partly due to the procrastinator in me.  I started later than I had hoped.  The other reason is that the fabric I am using right now has a white background.  The elastic thread is white and so is my sewing table.  All that white is making it hard to see the details in the photos.  I am going to finish this one up and then do another colored one.  I think that should make it much easier to see what’s happening in the photos.  Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

Oh, and since a bunch of you asked, I bought my labels through Namemaker.  Be warned:  it takes awhile to get them.  About three weeks or so, but definitely worth the wait.

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