…is for Fatty.  Yes, I call him Fatty.  No, it is not his given name.  Yes, he responds to it.  No, he is not fat.

…is for family.  I am blessed with a wonderful family – the small little one that lives in this house and the much larger, extended one that lives all over the place.  I wouldn’t be who I am without all their love.

…is for frogs.  I like these cute little critters.  I find them incredibly charming.  And that whole business about having to kiss a lot of them before you find your prince?  True.

…is for flip flops.  I have 7 pairs in rotation.  These are the dirtiest by far.


…is for  French.  I used to speak it fluently.  In fact, as a child I went to French camp (love that place!).  Of course, if I were to spend a week in France (wouldn’t that be nice?), I think it would come back.

…is for fabric.  Of course.

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