Do you remember Jane’s shirt designs?  I shared this version awhile back.  After reading all those encouraging comments, Jane was determined to see one of her designs become reality.  Many more drawings later, she settled on this for herself:


For this artist it is all in the details.  For this mom it is all about practical.  So we compromised and started production.  I channeled my inner Hannah and printed the words straight from my computer on to freezer paper.  I cut out the stencil, leaving the "o" intact.   I found a long-sleeved striped t-shirt from Target in an acceptable color combination and then paired it with a short-sleeved shirt (also from Target) we already had.  Jane did the painting.


Jane chose the fabric for the star and I did the applique on my sewing machine.   I cut the sleeves off of the striped shirt at the shoulder seams and then grappled with how I was going to attach them without some weird visible stitching.  I decided to sew them into the short-sleeved t-shirt at the shoulder seam allowance and it worked perfectly.  The key part:  I don’t think that this would have worked if the shirts were different brands.  Both sleeves had the exact same profile.


See that smile?  Jane is one happy girl.  She designed it and we made it.  She wants to wear it.  All the time.  I couldn’t be happier, either.  The experience was a good reminder for me that dreams can come true.   You just need to chase them a bit.

Jane also designed a shirt for Kate.  You can see it here.

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