Yeah, I actually said that to Jane.  It was in reference to a great box that arrived last week from the even greater Meg.  She rocks.  And it couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.  I came stumbling home from Target with a migraine looming and found the box sitting on the doorstep.  Look at the goodies she sent me…


This little votive and the decoupaged match box are so frigging cute.  I just love that the little elf is making a littler house!  And the Ritter Sport – YUM!!  And yes, that is what I was telling Jane to keep her paws off.  Angelique may be up for sharing, but not me.  That one is all mine.


Then there was this precious tissue holder.  Would you look at the great vintage goods that went into making it?  I love it!  Now, I have been sharing the tissues….Kate’s nose has turned into a faucet and needs constant wiping.  I think she wants it for herself.  I am not giving this one up, but might make one or two for stocking stuffers.

After a couple Advil Migraine, I looked it all over again.  It was such a nice surprise and even nicer of Meg to think of me.  Oh, I am a lucky girl.  Thanks Meg!

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