I made this pinafore for the August and September Tie One On.  My goal was to do it in under two hours and to use what I had.  I had never made a pinafore or my own pattern before.  I took some quick measurements using Jane’s school uniform and started drawing.  And phew – it worked!

I am very happy that it all came together so well.  It was a huge accomplishment for me to make my own pattern and get it done in a little over the two hours.  It makes me smile when I see it because it has a lot of sentimental value, too.  When Jane was smaller and we would be fabric shopping, I would point to different fabrics and ask her, "Do you recognize this?"  It always kept her busy in the shop while I made my purchases.  Sometimes we still do this, but more often it is Jane asking Kate and me instead.  When I gave the apron to her, I asked Jane if she recognized the fabric.  She didn’t (I didn’t think she would).  Then I told her, "This is the fabric you had in your room when you were a baby.  It was the bumpers and the bed skirt on your crib."  She looked at me wide-eyed and then smiled.  She said, "I remember now."  Although I know better, part of me thinks she just might.


Back view – sorry for the fuzzy photo!

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