August 23 b


August 23 c


August 23

I fixed the quilt square and I took a nap. Nothing else got sewn.

The kids had no homework. It's been like this since school began. They are finishing the math problems before they get home and reading, reading, reading. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Seriously. But it hasn't.

Jane passed a big Kumon test. I'm so proud of her. She has worked hard and long to get to the place she is and she now knows that dedication and endurance pay off.

I ran three miles before it was light outside. The air was cool and crisp and my legs felt good.

I spent the morning with some girlfriends and had a piece of birthday cake at lunch. This group of ladies always helps me feel centered. I'm lucky to know them.

I had popcorn for dinner after the kids were in bed, while Fatty was at a meeting. No sharing.

It was a good Tuesday as far as Tuesdays go.

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