That would be the sound of me screaming with excitement!  The spring issue of Adorn hit the newsstands yesterday and I AM IN IT!


Wow!  After I made this pinafore last fall, Adorn’s Craft and Decorating Editor, Linda Perrman emailed me and asked if I was interested in making an apron for the tea party story.  Was I ever!  They sent me a great bundle of fabrics from Reprodepot and I got to work.  Here it is…


You can also find me on the contributors page.

I was extremely honored that they wanted to showcase something I made.  I never imagined that I would ever be published in anything, let alone a great magazine!  This would have never happened without Tie One On so a big thank you goes out to Amy Karol.  I am also in good company…bloggers Abby and Lisa are in this issue, too.

I’m off to do more cartwheels.  Go check it out!

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