A little bit of everything today.


I am a little late to the party, but here I am anyways.  De-lurking, you might say.  I invite you all to do the same….come on out and play.  Let me know you are out there!


Erin and Jane also tagged me.  So I need to come up with 6 weird things about myself….

1.  I don’t like gravy or goopy sauces.  No Hollandaise or Bearnaise for me.  Hold the mayo and sour cream, too.

2.  I am blind in my left eye.  When I am tired, it "hangs" or doesn’t track as well.  Sometimes people don’t think I am looking at them.

3.  I was a History major in college, but I do not enjoy non-fiction unless it reads like a novel.

4.  To go to sleep, I have to move around in bed until everything is just right.  Sometimes I am moving a lot.  My college roommate Karen aptly named this issue "dog problems."

5.   I love to read, but I do not choose most of my books.  Fatty does that for me and I like it this way.  Same thing goes for music.  He buys, he loads my ipod, I listen.

6.  I consider popcorn a completely suitable and somewhat nutritious dinner.

Phew….I had a difficult time coming up with six things.  In fact, I asked for help.  Funny thing is, Fatty and I thought of the same things with the exception of my love of brussels sprouts.  He thinks that is weird – I don’t.

Um, I sometimes break the rules….I am not tagging anyone else.  Feel free to play along if you’d like!

And, it’s time for a wee blog break.  When you can’t find the zipper foot or button shank foot (I have never used it, but it IS missing) or your favorite black layering tank, it’s time to clean the sewing room and other closets.  I am not sure how long it’ll take.  I will be back sometime next week.  Hope the weekend is good to you!

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