It was my nephew Declan’s birthday yesterday.  He loves to roll and throw balls so I made him a fabric one.


I used the fabric beach ball pattern from the Purl Bee.  This is the medium one and my sister-in-law Georgia said it is perfectly sized for one year old hands.  I didn’t sew the fabric circles on the top and bottom because it didn’t seem necessary to me.  I also tucked a small cat toy – the kind that has a bell inside a plastic ball – into the middle of the stuffing.  It has a nice jingle when it’s tossed around.


Of course, he needed a shirt, too.  I copied the train design that Georgia used on the invitation although I had to change the color palette a bit.  That is a green giraffe, but I think it also looks like the number 1- perfect if you ask me.

We are having a beautiful fall day.  I hope the weather sticks around this weekend.  Have a good one!

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