Front of backpack

Backpack back

My nephew Declan turned two years old last Friday.  My sister-in-law Georgia told me that he'd be really happy to have a backpack of his own.  I planned to order him one from L.L. Bean until I saw this pattern from Made by Rae.  It looked a little difficult with piping and zipper and straps, etc.  I wasn't sure that I was up for the kind of concentration I thought making this project would need in the limited crafting time I had this last month.  So I hesitated buying the pattern for a few days, but then I figured, what the hell and clicked the purchase button.

And guess what?  It was not swear inducing.  It actually went together easily with little issues.  The pattern is very well written with lots of photos – super easy to follow.  I had everything on hand with the exception of the piping and the webbing for the straps.  The canvas is Japanese and it may have come from Superbuzzy – I am not sure.  The pattern is sized for toddlers  – the finished backpack will not fit a letter sized folder – but there are guidelines included for upsizing the pattern.  If you go that route, buy two packages of the pre-made piping.  I followed directions for the smaller size and had about 1" left.

On pegs

Here's a photo for scale.  Like I said, it's small.  For a toddler, though, it's perfect.  Apparently, Declan likes it.  He told me so on the phone.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Ours began a couple days ago.  More on our most recent adventure next week.  Take care.

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