Friday.  Yeah!  I am so happy.

This week has been crazy – the birthday, work, volunteer at school type of crazy.  The kind of crazy that leaves me with little time to myself and very cranky.  I started the week with nothing on the calendar for today, but have already volunteered at school and am going back in about an hour to have lunch with my kindergartener.  (Why do they eat so early?)  I am going to squeeze some sewing time in there somewhere.  Yes, I am.


The most frequently asked question on the blog:  Where are the labels from?  So, let me tell you.  I bought these labels from Namemaker.  I like them a lot.  They come in sew on or iron on and in many different sizes and colors.  The downside is that they take about 4 weeks to arrive.  Linda just got hers and she wasn’t very happy.  Go read what she has to say.  But, for me, they work well and when these are gone, I will most likely re-order.

There is so much good inspiration out in blog land and on flickr.  I want to make:

Lounge pants out of vintage sheets – that brilliant Amanda has done it again.

The gum drop pillow – I love the fabric Blair chose.

A patchwork blanket out of old sweaters like Leslie’s – got any discards to give me, Dad?

P.J. pants for the girls and matching appliqued shirts like the ones Jen made.

Gnomes – maybe for the nephews?  Any thoughts Heather, Georgia, Rosanna?

Quilt squares with Amanda Jean

Christmas cards on my print gocco (which kind of scares me).  Did you see Jen’s?

How is that for a random post?  Off to sew….later, folks!

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