Hmmm….I kind of disappeared there, didn’t I?

I don’t really have much to report.  It’s been a busy week – the kind where I seem to have lost a huge chunk of time, but don’t have anything to show for it.


I started knitting this sock in the Portland airport on Monday.  I got all the way to the heel and put it down.  I would really like to finish it this weekend, but my wrist is giving me issues.  Remind me not to go bowling without the brace, ok?  My family was in town and we had a lot of fun at the bowling alley, but I am paying for it now.  I have figured out that time is the best medicine I can give my wrist when it is hurting so probably no knitting for awhile.

School starts on Wednesday and there are lots of little errands and tasks to accomplish.  We’ve got uniforms to alter, shoes to buy, supplies to label and on and on and on.  I’ll check in sometime next week.  Until then, have fun!

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