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In a somewhat spur of the moment decision on Friday night, I started pulling fabrics for a new batch of camera straps. It's been a very long time since I've made any, mostly because I was busy writing a book and then recuperating from writing said book. And so now seemed like as good of a time as any to jump back in. The girls are back in school. I am finished traveling for a couple of months. I don't have a big project on my plate at the moment. So, there you have it: camera straps coming soon.

I've chosen fabrics for four colorways and am thinking of adding a fifth one. Any requests for color combinations? I'm all ears.

In other news, a large box of books arrived here this week! I cannot tell you how surreal it is to know that QuiltEssential is out in the world. I am thrilled with how QuiltEssential came together and hope you will enjoy it, too. I'll be adding those to the shop soon as well and will be happy to sign them however you want me to – for you, for someone else, whatever you desire. There should be some scrap bags and some bundles of destashed fabrics for sale in the near future, too. I don't think there will be one huge shop restock, but rather, I'll add things as I finish them. At least, that's my plan. Regardless, I will let you know before anything I list anything. Sound good?

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Crazy, but so good, right?

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