The 9 hour journey to Telluride did not take 9 hours.


Flights: 3
Take-offs and landings: 4
Planes: 5
Airports: 4
Hours spent at O’Hare: 13
Food vouchers redeemed:  9
Hotels visited: 1 (Denver)
Hours awake: 22
Hours asleep: 6
Drinks spilled: 6 (4 for Kate, 2 for Jane)
Crying episodes: 3 (1 for each of us)
Books read: 2
Granny squares crocheted: 1
DVDs watched: 1
Resilient kids: 2
Tired mom: 1


It took 31 hours to get here, but seeing my parents and the view made it all OK.

We are on summer vacation for the next two weeks.  The kiddos are at day camp and I have lots of free time.  I brought the crochet and some embroidery and I have some other projects to share, too.  I plan on some site construction to revamp the blog and I am sure I will take lots of photos while I am here.  But right now, I am going to take a nap.  See you when I wake.

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