Moda building block 1

My friend, Jill, and I are both making the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt. She is working from the kit, adding a few of her own fabrics and I am working from my stash. Well, I am trying to work from my stash. I may have to pick up a fabric or two as needed – most of my cuts are 1/2 yard or smaller and some of these block eat up a lot of fabric!

Moda building block 2

Above is my first block, finished a few weeks ago. As the pattern suggests, we are starting with the biggest block and working our way smaller. Good thing, too, as the cutting instructions seem to be difficult for me to manage. I don't know what it is about them, but I cannot follow them correctly. The amount of fabric I have wasted is crazy. On the last two I cut, I wrote the sizes on a sticky note and I didn't make any mistakes. I will continue in that manner going forward. It really sucks when you mess up on Carolyn Friedlander's ledger print. Just saying.

Moda building block 3

I didn't start with a well-developed color scheme. I am just going to let this one take me where it will. Right now it is looking very gold, green, red, orange and blue with low volumes. That could change. I may end up with a ton of variety in the prints, but I am hoping to keep the prints harmonious. By using what I like, I am hoping that it will just come together in the end. Fingers crossed.

Moda building blocks

Moda building block 4 in process

Three blocks down, a ton to go. The fourth is cut out ready for when I have a few moments to string together. I don't know what it is about May, but I swear it is busier than December! The school year is wrapping up here – Jane has 2 weeks left, Kate has 3. I have a few secret quilts I am working on and I am still trying to get some of the book quilts into pattern form. Can anyone recommend a designer that can turn all my little sketches and instructions into a beautiful pdf? Let me know! I am ready to get this rolling.

Back here Friday with another book review and giveaway!


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