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I sent a text to Jane the other night when she was late coming out of play rehearsal that just said, "Bueller?"

I imagine you all saying the same thing to me, wondering where I've been. I don't think I have ever gone a whole month without posting since I started this blog 8+ years ago.

Life is busy. And good. And sometimes a little messy. I'm in the thick of it.

Kate turned 13! And does not want her picture on the internet. Duly noted. We gave her an electric guitar and she was surprised. I do not think she expected it at all and I love that. She is coming into her own in a beautiful way. I am so impressed with the strong, smart, funny, confident, thoughtful person she is growing into. And I am now the mother of two teenagers. Talk about feeling old and young all at the same time. Fatty's birthday was yesterday (I won't mention his age. 😉 ) and Jane's follows right after Thanksgiving. It's birthday season around here and I love it.

I'm also working on things that I cannot show you. That is not fun – for me or for you. It's some good stuff! I am trying to balance the work with some selfish sewing, but I'm coming to the point where that will no longer be possible. Still, there are two quilts and two quilt tops to photograph this weekend. And a whole post to write on Liberty feathers. You read that right – LIBERTY FEATHERS. Hang tight.

I am posting on instagram, mostly showing pictures of my food or my knitting. It's the first time I have picked up needles and yarn for over a year. Wouldn't you know it is just like riding a bike? The start was a little rough, but I am in such a groove at the moment and I remember why I love it. The cape grows row by row as I sneak a little knitting in while I wait in the carpool line, at night in front of the TV, while my sauce simmers on the stove. I'm nearing the end, having wound the second to last skein yesterday. I'm looking for some cute, teenage approved, easy hats to tackle next. Suggestions welcomed!

I'm reading. I've got a list to share. (It's coming, Teri, I promise!)

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