Not much to report.  The girls are in school and all seems good.  Well, at least their first day was good.  My first day was good too.  There was one point in the day when I was wandering around the house aimlessly, not sure what to do with my freedom!  After much hemming and hawing, the gocco came out.  More on that later.

I have printing on the brain.  I’m working on a big project inspired by Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin.  I spent Tuesday night working on a stencil.  I am not a natural with the exacto knife.  Give me a pair of scissors and I can work magic.  The exacto – not so much.


Of course, my imprecise cutting had nothing to do with the wine.

I’ll dish more on this next week.  Some things just need to be a surprise.

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