I spent the weekend in Birmingham visiting my good friend Shannon and celebrating her birthday.  We had so much fun!  Shopping, movie, pedicure, dinner, and lots of chatting.  Many thanks to her husband, Andrew, who took their girls to visit his family so Shannon and I could have some good girl time together.  Fatty gets a big pat on the back for manning the home front here.  You guys are the best!  I made her a bird shirt (similar to these), but forgot to take a picture (email me one, Shannon, ok?) and I am working on a knitted bag for her too.  She picked out the yarn while we were shopping and it’ll be done later this week. I’ll post a photo then.

Today’s birthday girl is my sister-in-law Heather.  Happy Happy Birthday to you!  I made her a bunch of gifts for Christmas, and although I think she is probably handmade gift-ed out, I couldn’t resist throwing another one in with her birthday package.


I sent hats to the rest of her family for Christmas, so I figured she needed her own.  The flower is from Blair‘s fabulous tutorial and the hat was made using Sarah‘s flapper hat pattern.  I wish I could say putting them together was my idea, but, alas, I swiped that and the pinked edges on the flower from Sarah, too.  Thanks Sarah – they are perfect together!

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