Knitting has been one of the things getting me through this moment in time. For whatever reason, I am having trouble sewing. Knitting, however, keeps my hands busy and lets my mind rest. And my mind needs to rest.

I finished this Birkin sweater last week. I had cast on in January with yarn that Fatty gave me for my birthday last May. It’s Brooklyn Tweed Loft and I just love it. It’s so soft once blocked and comes in so many beautiful colors. I had a hard time choosing a main color. I waffled between an off-white, gray or the navy. Once I settled on the dark blue, the rest was easy to choose.

As far as the knitting goes, it’s a nice pattern. The yoke was slow going – parts of it have three colors per row. It’s also fingering weight which I had to knit on size 2 needles to get gauge. I took my time and managed a few rounds each day. Once I was finished with the color work, it was all stockinette stitch in the round. While it took awhile to finish and got tedious at some points (size 2 needles! fingering weight yarn!), I am so glad I kept at it and finished. I am beyond thrilled with the finished knit and the fit.

I posted all of the details on my Ravelry page, including the modifications I made, but the highlights are:

Pattern: Birkin Sweater by Caitlin Hunter; Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft; Modifications: No bobbles, increased length by 1/2″, did not change to larger needles for body shaping.

I immediately picked up another project. This time it is a sweater for Jane. I saw the Throwover by Andrea Mowry and knew she’d love it. She picked the colors, we ordered yarn and it was off to the races. I’ll be sharing that soon…I have about 1″ of ribbing left on the body and the sleeves. It’s a super fast knit!

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