Good morning.  Care for a cup of coffee?

May 7 018_1_1

Are you familiar with Polka Dot Cottage?  Lisa makes incredible buttons and jewelry out of polymer clay.  When I say incredible, I mean incredible.  I am amazed at what she does.   Awhile back, Lisa asked me if I would take part in her big button challenge.  Sure, why not?  So she sent me a button and I was to make something using the button.  The result:  french press cozy.

Honestly, I was planning on making a tufted pillow, but Sarah beat me to the punch.  Have you seen hers?  It's stunning!  I thought about making a coffee cup cozy.  When I was telling Emily my reservations about making yet another coffee cozy (not much of a challenge in my mind), she suggested a french press cozy.  Perfect!  I whipped it up the next day.

May 7 008_1_1

I followed my own coffee cozy directions except that the french press cozy is just a long rectangle.  I measured the circumference of the pot with a string  – high tech, I know – and cut a linen rectangle and a piece of insulated batting 1.25 inches longer and 1 inch higher than the measurements.  For the outside fabric, I used a Japanese cheater print that I bought from Leslie and a small piece of linen so the button would pop.  I really like how it turned out.

May 7 011_1_1

I'm just about ready to pour my third cup this morning.  I am completely exhausted from our weekend in New York.  I feel like I am suffering from some kind of sensory overload.  My mind is overflowing with inspiration and ideas and I am seeing quilt squares when I close my eyes.  I'm going to take a day or two to settle back in to our routine and to get some rest.  See you in a couple of days.

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