I have been following Kayte Terry's blog, this is love forever, for a few years now and was anxious to get my hands on her new book, Applique Your Way, for many reasons.  First, I love applique.  I think it is one of the best ways to make something that is a little ho-hum into something fabulous with a little time and few supplies.  Plus, Kayte's aesthetic really appeals to me.  She combines materials and fabrics in unexpected ways and ends up with completely charming results.  Also, Jennifer Causey, of simply photo and simply breakfast, was the photographer for this book, so I knew that it would be a visual treat as well.  I pre-ordered it, waited paitently and it finally arrived a few weeks ago.


I wasn't disppointed.  It is a fantastic book with many great projects.  Kayte has included great instructions on many different ways to applique (hand sewn, machine sewn, reverse applique and more) and the projects are very inspiring.  They include things to wear, things to give and things for decorating your home.  I like the mix of techniques – some of the projects you sew from start to end and with others you embellish something you already own.  I, for one, have clothes hanging around that could benefit from a little face lift.  I bet you do too.

Here are a few of the projects that immediately caught my eye:


I think the Coco Sweater is fantastic.  I adore the idea of adding felted wool and new buttons to spruce up a cardigan.


The apples on this market tote are so cute!  Kayte gives directions on how to sew the bag, but I think that adding them to a pre-made canvas tote would be just as cute.


The Doily Trivets are fantastic! I don't think I have seen anything like these before.  I think they would make a great gift.  I think I might have to make a set of my own.

These are just a sampling of what Applique Your Way has in store.  The other projects include napkins, note cards, embellished skirts and dresses, a fabulous ribbon belt, pillows and more.  Bonus:  many of the projects are simple enough that they could be done in a day or two at the most.  You know how I like fast crafting!

The generous people at Chronicle Books have offered a copy of Applique Your Way to one of my readers.  If you are interested in a chance to win this book, leave a comment on this post before Monday, December 21 at 5:00 p.m.  I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

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