You guys!  Thanks for the quilt love.  Really.  I adore it myself, but I had no idea that it would strike a chord with many of you too.  All those lovely comments make me want to just make more.


While I didn’t whip up another quilt right away, I did make this little top for Kate’s friend Claudia.  This is one of my very favorite fabrics (I bought it years ago and I don’t know who makes it).  It is the same pattern I used for this shirt of Kate’s last summer.  It is really so simple – I swear it takes almost longer to cut it out than to actually sew it up.  It also only takes about a half yard of fabric for about a size 6 which is great since I seem to have lots of small pieces in my stash.  I have never made my girls pillowcase dresses, but if I understand them correctly, this is made the same way except there is no bias tape under the arms.  I just pressed 1/4" and then folded it under and stitched it down.  Anna Maria just made her girls some cute dresses out of pillowcases and while I could explain the process more to you, she’s already done it!  Her directions are way cuter than mine would be anyhow.

I’ve got lots to talk about (or so it seems!) so posting should pick up a bit around here.   Have a great day!

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