A few times a year, I swap crafts with my girlfriends. We each choose one thing to make and then make multiples of it to swap with each other. After successfully making my first rope basket, I decided to make smaller versions for the swap. I swear this is so fast, fun and easy. Also, addictive! Just ask Blair.

This time, I used a 1/4" twisted cotton rope instead of the braided clothesline I used for my first one. I love the way it looks. I bought it from Knot and Rope Supply. The quality is wonderful and it came quite speedily. Plus, because you purchase the rope by the foot, you can get any length you want, instead of being stuck with a set pre-packaged length.

While I was stitching this group of baskets, Fatty made a simple comment that had my mind swirling with possibilities. Suffice it to say that I'm not done with these yet. No way. I'm ordering more rope.

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