…is for apple pie and apple crisp which are two of my favorite desserts.  I also love homemade applesauce.  Yum.  Most days I would choose something sweet and fruity over chocolate.  There are those times when nothing but chocolate will do though.

…is for aqua.  Crisp and bright blues are my favorites after green.  Like the color of my studio or this knitted gift I am working on now.


…is for artistic ability.  When I was younger I loved to draw.  And I was pretty good, too.  Right now those muscles need to be flexed.  The ability is there, I just need to use it.  I would like to devote some time to just sketching and doodling, but I don’t ever get around to it.  I guess I need to make it a priority and, of course, go buy a sketchbook.  That would help.

…is for applique.  I love embellishing t-shirts with this technique.  Love it.  It is such a short and satisfying project to me.  I just made this apple the other day.


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