Slip 1

The first day I was in Nashville (more on that soon – I promise!), Anna Maria's right hand gal, Alexia, was wearing the cutest dress.  Turns out it was the slip from the Roundabout Dress pattern (that's Alexia on the cover!) with an added ruffle on the bottom.  Even Fatty commented on the dress which was about all I needed to hear before the pattern jumped in my bag, along with some of that lovely Little Folks voile, to come home with me. 

Before cutting into the voile, I thought I'd make a muslin to use as a nightgown.  Last night I pulled out this Alexander Henry fabric and got started.  I traced the size large and cut it out.  This morning I sewed it all up.  It came together super fast – maybe about 2 1/2 hours including the time last night.  I did have to let out the side seams so that added a bit of time.  It *just* fits in the hips, but is pretty good elsewhere.  As a slip, it would work great.  As a dress, I think I will have to re-work it a bit and add quite a bit of length – it hits mid- to upper thigh.  And that is exactly why I am not modeling it for you all.

I'm going to try it out tonight.  I figure if I don't like sleeping in it, I can cut some of the length off and I will have a new camisole for under cardigans this fall.  In fact, I may just make a few camisoles from this pattern for that very use.

Slip 2

Hands down, my favorite part is all the edge stitching.  I know this might drive some people batty, but for some reason, I love detail sewing like this.

I am trying to get over my fear of sewing for myself.  I've pretty much given it up because I always have fit issues and I hate wasting fabric.  Those are lame excuses.  I'm not going to get better unless I try and if I screw up, I can always use the fabric for something else.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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