I wanted to thank everyone that sent me sheet scraps by sending them a little something in return.


I bought a stack of moleskins with the intent of taking pieces from my scrap box and making some stitched notebooks similar to the ones in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  Once I finished my quilt, though, I took a different course.


I used more of the sheet scraps and made bloom notebooks.  I was a bit concerned that all the stitching would weaken the cover, but it didn’t.   I took the same approach to the stitching as I did in my bloom quilt except that my letters turned out WAY better on these.  I think it was because they are on a smaller scale, but who knows?  I love how they turned out.


Everyone was so generous adding to my fabric garden with their scraps.  I wouldn’t have been able to make my quilt without their help.  This is just a small token of my appreciation.  Thanks to all 16 of you!
(Tonya, I didn’t mail yours.  I will get it to you when I get home).

I think you will probably see more stitched paper from me in the future.  These were so fun to make and the ideas keep coming.

Happy Tuesday!

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