Fox fields by house on hill road

Fox fields 2 by house on hill road

In an effort to get something finished this week, I sat down at the machine and sewed the binding to this quilt. The pattern is Fox Tails by Tula Pink and I bought it as a kit last year on Craftsy. I am fairly certain that I never would have chosen to make this if the kit hadn't been on sale, but I am glad I bought it because it was a fun one to sew up. I left the quilting to a local long-armer – I told him to just do his thing. The soft swirls that he quilted compliment the harder lines of the diamonds in just the right way. I think it was a good call to have this one done as it would have been difficult to manage such a large scale design on my domestic machine. Not impossible, mind you, just hard!

Fox fields detail by house on hill road

I chose to bind it by machine. Speedy! And because I am donating it to our church and school picnic in a couple of weeks, I didn't feel a hand binding was absolutely necessary. I love hand binding, but I have two other quilts with bindings attached to their fronts, just waiting for me to sit a spell and stitch. There was no way that this was going to get finished if I didn't do it by machine.

As for Kate's quilts, one is partially bound and the other needs to basted and TIED! I hope to be able to share the first one with you next week. Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July!

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