Thanks for all the great knitting advice yesterday.  I appreciate it so much.  I do knit pretty big gauge swatches and normally measure over 4 inches.   I took Sarah’s advice and measured what I had already knit over 6 inches and came up with 4.67 stitches per inch.  (Thank you, Sarah!)  We (that is Sarah and me) think I can continue on and get to 4.5 with some blocking.  Phew.


Last night was my local craft swap.  This time there were 8 of us so we each made 7 things.  I have spent the last month or so of carpool/soccer/volleyball practice knitting fingerless mitts.  I did one pair of Fetching (remember this?).  I used that pattern as a template of sorts and came up with some other rib, cable and lace versions.  They were a hit with the crafty ladies and I had fun making them.


Time for a new carpool project.   What crafts are you doing on the go?

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