Cozy 1

Trust me.  You do.

I was sitting in the carpool line, chatting on the phone when it hit me:  tonight is Kate's last piano lesson before Christmas.  We need a gift.  Now!

We drove straight from school to Starbucks where I bought each of the kids an after school treat and a gift card for the piano teacher.  I came home and retreated immediately to the sewing room and whipped up this coffee cozy.  It took less than a half an hour, start to finish.  Granted, my machine is set up, the pattern was at hand and I have made dozens of these so I don't have to look at directions.  But picking out the button and then sewing it on by hand easily took 7 of those 30 minutes.  Fast, I tell you!

Coay 2
The pattern is here.  It makes a great gift for just about anyone:  teachers, babysitters, dog walkers, paper delivery people and on and on.  Making them assembly line works really well, too.

What are you waiting for?  Go on….get sewing.

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