Happy Fourth of July!
Completely unpatriotic post to follow as we haven’t done any celebrating yet.  Hopefully I will have some photos to share tomorrow.

::Knitting and Color week::Yellow




Remember this?  Well, it is a knitted purse for a friend lined in vintage fabric that I received from Hannah.

I used the leftover yarn to make this little clutch for Cristina and our moo card swap.



The clutch was supposed to be a zippered pouch.

I sat down one afternoon while hanging out with my friend Jodi and knit up a cabled rectangle.  I made it up as I went along so I am not sure if I can recreate it or not.  Anyhow, fast forward to the part where I want to line the pouch and put in the zipper.  Um, big problem.  I didn’t think that to line it and put in a zipper, the knitted piece would need to be two pieces instead of one.  I tried it anyhow – I made a double lining and put the zipper in.  Crap, I tell you!  I ripped the zipper out and tore the lining apart and threw it to the side.  Then it hit me – a flap!  I grabbed the needles, picked up some stitches and knit the flap complete with button hole.  I finished it up by reworking the half of the original lining and hand sewing it in.  And you know what?  I like much more than I would have liked the zippered version.   Cristina likes it, too – phew!

Hope you have a nice holiday!

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