Jane:  Mom, I got some mail!

Me:  Great!

Jane:  Read it, please.

Me:  OK.  Oh, it’s a Halloween party at N’s house.

Jane:  Yay! (lots of jumping and high-pitched shrieking)  When?

Me (scanning the invitation):  Um, tomorrow?  Yeah, tomorrow. (Panic starts to set in)

Jane:  Do I wear my costume?

Me (wishing I could lie): Yes, you CAN, but you DON’T HAVE TO, wear a costume.

Jane:  Uh, you’d better get sewing.

Me:   I think you’re right.


Looks like it’s going to be a long night.  At least I already have this much done.  And thank goodness Kate wasn’t invited!  I’d really be screwed then.

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