Way back in the beginning of February, the artsy-crafty babe herself sent me this adorable patchwork pouch.


As the weather has been getting nicer, this pouch is seeing lots of use.  It is perfect for a bit of cash, drivers license, lipstick and keys – and it fits in my coat pocket!   Perfect for springtime walks.  Thanks Beki!   I love it!

And along the same heart-shaped lines, here is my Tie One On apron for January/February.


When I made Jane’s apron, I promised Kate that I would make her one too, so this is for her.  It’s a mini-version of the Adorn Tea Party apron (full size pattern here).  Honestly, I am not too happy with it.  I find it a bit, um, boring.  I would have liked to use some other print on the waist/sash and neck ties, but when a five year-old wants all pink, she gets all pink.  So there, an all pink apron with a conversation heart pocket.  Cupcake…appropriate for the kitchen and a term of endearment for my littlest valentine.

And speaking of cupcakes – check these out.  I want one now.

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