I have seen many projects that I think I'd like to make only to not jump in because they involve needle-turn applique. Of course, I know that I could modify these projects and machine or raw-edge applique the pieces, but I don't. I love, love, love the look of needle-turn applique, but it just seemed so fussy and time consuming to me. The thought of hand stitching tiny bits of fabric to a background did not appeal to me at all. It wasn't the by-hand part, per se, or even really spending hours doing it. I like to knit. I like to crochet. I've dabbled in embroidery and I oil paint. All by hand, all time consuming. Rather, my train of thought was long the lines of "Why do something by hand, when you can do it faster by machine?" And, man, what a limiting outlook that is.

I tried it.

Turns out, I was wrong.

I like needle-turn applique. I maybe even love it.

I love it for many of the same reasons I love needlepoint and knitting. I can take it with me. It's easy to put down and pick right back up. When my hands are busy, my mind is at peace. I can have conversations with my friends, family, the other people in the waiting room while I applique away. I like to make and it allows me to squeeze in a little bit of making time when life is busy and time is short. Most obviously, it's fabric and thread – two of my favorite things.

Yes, it is time consuming and a little fussy, but in the best possible way. I am savoring the time spent stitching fabric to a background. I am dreaming about what I can applique and how to work it into more things. It's making me take a second look at projects I have passed by before.

I'm so glad I gave it a go. I'm having so much fun! How about you? What is something you want to try, but haven't? What's stopping you?

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