The other day I was walking through the empty kitchen and smiled when I saw all my trappings hung on the pegs that are normally home to a jumble of aprons and market bags.  I shot this photo and then took everything upstairs to their resting space.  A few more weeks and this sparse space will once again the center of all action most hours of the day.  I'm excited and a wee bit anxious.  I'm not sure what the anxious is about, but it is there.  The excitement, though, is paramount.  I am ready to bake bread and make granola and have ice cubes for margaritas.  And boil water for pasta and bake cookies and make our own pizzas.  I could go on – just thinking about it is getting me antsy.

In the meantime, there is a garden to plant (tomatoes! basil! cucumbers! peppers!) and a few items that need sewing (kids clothes! patchwork!).  I'm going to put my head down and focus on these little things so that before I know it, I'll be cooking with gas.  Seriously.  Cooking with gas wearing an apron that I can hang on those pegs.

I cannot wait.

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