Tova 2

It fits!

I took this photo right about ten minutes after I finished making it, wet hair and all. Then I decided that I didn't really want to blog this photo because surely I could get a better one without the wallpaper/fabric clash. And one where the bust line actually sits on the bust, instead of higher up because my arm is raised, holding the camera. In the meantime, I haven't gotten a better photo and it's wet and cold outside so I don't feel like taking off my sweater to try to get a better one. So, basically, I'm over needing a better photos so here it is.

This Tova is an XL. I broke my own rule about not cutting into the good stuff and just went for it. This Liberty fabric has been in my stash since our June 2010 London trip. I've been saving it for something for me and a shirt is just the thing. I wore the top all day long, got multiple compliments on it and not a single person asked me if I made it – win, win, and triple-win! It's super comfy, albeit a tad bit big on the sides. I will probably take it in a smidge, but I wanted to wear it first before altering it too much.

Tova 2 a

(I got up and put it on the dress form, you know, for a better photo. If only….)

I will definitely make another Tova for myself. I've got a voile all picked out and waiting. It's such a great pattern – I enjoy sewing it which isn't always the case when making garments. To that end, I'm also hoping to find time to start tracing the pattern for the girls this weekend. Jane wants a top and Kate wants a dress. Does anyone have a good online source for shirting fabrics? Jane would like some kind of plaid….

Happy weekend!

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