Here’s the deal…I sewed over 200 masks in the last week. I don’t love this kind of sewing, but I am doing it. I will make about 200 more and then that’s it for me. No shame, no guilt. I didn’t take any photos for a few days. This is the only one I took today. I had a small breakdown yesterday because, well, everything. Before I went to bed last night, I made a list of everything I needed to accomplish today. I slept a sound nine hours, got up and kicked that list’s ass. I put on real clothes. I went to the grocery store without anxiety. I cooked a new recipe. I zoomed with my brothers and my sisters-in-law. I cut Sully’s hair above his eyes. It’s not horrible. I made a list of household chores and delegated them. I could keep going, but, really, my point is that I am grateful for the lows that make the slightly less lows better. For Fatty squeezing limes for me. For the drive-by wave and hello from Erin and Claire. For my girls’ willingness to help. For a good night of sleep. For life.

(originally posted on my Instagram.)

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