January 28

This month is getting away from me! I have done no sewing at all since I finished the Tova dress. I did, however, finish my first painting and start a second one. I'm really liking that. But, back to the sewing….Last year I made a small list of projects that I wanted to tackle for our house and it was good inspiration to get sewing. Also, I loved checking items off the list. Who doesn't? I thought it would be a good idea to jot down what I hope to accomplish this year. As I made the list, it occurred to me that I have all the fabric I need for all of these projects on hand so I really have no excuses. I should just get sewing.

And so, in no particular order of necessity or preference, these are the sewing projects I hope to complete this year.

– Baste, quilt and bind quilt from the Denyse Schmidt workshop I took one weekend last July in Portland.

– Baste, quilt and bind the blue crazy star quilt.

– Make a sleeveless Painted Portrait dress in rayon.

– Make new bedskirts for Kate's two twin beds.

– Sew a shower curtain for the clawfoot tub.

– Sew a table skirt for the round table in the sun room.

– Make a quilt with the Liberty prints I picked up in London last October.

(That pile up in the photograph? Top to bottom: projects three, one and two.)

What do you hope to sew this year?

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