Daylight Savings Time always throws me for a loop.  Thank goodness for coffee.


I normally have one, maybe two cups each morning.  Today I am dragging so if I seem a bit strange, it may be all the caffeine.

We had a great weekend.  My mom was here for a short visit and the weather was beautiful – all sunny and warm.  The girls played outside.  They got into hula hoops, jump ropes, frisbees, roller skates, scooters.  It was so nice to have some "new" things to do.  There are some photos here.  Poor Fatty came down with the stomach flu Saturday night and spent all of Sunday in bed.  I am hoping it passes over the rest of us.

It was a craft-free weekend.  I did spend a little time cleaning the sewing room up.  Up for grabs:


You can see it on their website here.  I have two sets – enough for 24 little stockings on a ribbon garland.  The best part?  I have done all the cutting – you just have to sew it up and embellish it.  The bad news?  Because I cut it all out, I can’t separate the sets.  Both will go to one lucky person – I will give you until Tuesday night to email me (hillroad at bellsouth dot net) if you are interested.  I will draw a name and let you know on Wednesday.  OK?

Time to do the laundry.  When that’s finished, you’ll find me playing outside.

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