I just wrote a real sappy post about this man, but I couldn’t publish it.  He likes his privacy too much.  That said, he might not like his photo on the blog.  Oh well.  I had to do it.  You see, he gave me a really wonderful birthday gift back in May.  And this past weekend, I cashed it in.  It started with a flight to New York and swanky hotel room.  It had big city shopping, a day in Bridgeport, CT, room service and sleeping in, too.  Three days by myself – no responsibilities beyond choosing what I wanted to eat and when to get out of bed.  Bliss.  In the end, I came home refreshed and renewed, bursting with creativity, but missing him and the girls.

It was the best gift I have ever received other than my daughters, and of course, him.  Because every day I have this man in my life is gift in and of itself.  I am truly blessed, that I know.

This man.  Oh, how I love this man.

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