I couldn't wait to start so I forged ahead without a swift and ball winder. I do think that they would be excellent gifts (ahem, Fatty.). But for now, I'm doing it by hand. I wind three skeins and then I get to make 1 granny square. Rinse and repeat.

Blair's tutorial is up. Go and learn. Then get hooking. I am using a Clover size 7 hook (4.5mm). It's between a G and a H and seems to be a good size for the Lark yarn. I bought it at JoAnn's – all crochet hooks are on sale this week, in case you are in the market for one.

Sometimes I wonder how I became so compulsive about making and about needing to do things right away. Now, not later. And then I remember that the key to my happiness is making. It has taken me a very, very long time to figure this out. I need to MAKE to feel fulfilled, to be centered, to be mindful, to be present. I have to remind myself of this frequently because it is so easy to get caught up in the house cleaning, grocery shopping, kid carting, dog walking of my daily life. Without the making, I am unbalanced and crabby. I don't like that side of myself and I know that family does not appreciate that part of me either. So, get ready. This year there will be constant self-reminders in the way of blog posts about MAKING for making's sake. Just thought I'd warn you.

Ok. That said, there's a box of yarn calling my name.

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