I have quilts on the brain.

I don’t doubt that it has something to do with The Virtual Quilting Bee.  I am excited to be working with these talented ladies.  Excited, but so nervous.  Really nervous.  Just so you know.

And Daria’s pillows have added fuel to the fire.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Then there is this beauty that Stefani owns.  I’ve had dreams about it.  Multiple dreams.

But then I stumbled across this one.  After I saw these squares.  Oh me, oh my!


I started a pile.  My X string quilt pile.  In colors that go in my guest room.  You can’t see all the fabrics here – the pile is too big.  Maybe I should edit it.  Maybe not.  I think it needs some darker greens.  And maybe some mustard-y yellows.  I’m wrapping my brain around it all, figuring how I can make it so it will look like a stash quilt (which it is, by the way) without being too entirely random.  Does that make sense?  Random looking, but actually very well thought out is the goal.  I wonder how I can do that without it taking entirely too much time.

There are practical issues, too.  Like geometry and math.  You know – calculating exactly how many x’s I will need to make the right size quilt.

Pass the calculator, please.

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